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Childrens and youth coordinator

Job Description :

The Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma is seeking a full-time Child and Youth Coordinator to support child and youth ministry in the diocese and to lead our thriving summer camp program.

The Children and Youth Coordinator will serve under the supervision of the Director of Faith Training and Discipleship to present a holistic vision of the ministry of youth formation in the diocese. The overall goal is to instill lifelong faith, coordinate programming with children and youth, and have primary responsibility for the summer camp program in the diocese. The coordinator will also be a member of the team of ministry partners and will participate in the organizational tasks of the team. The Children and Youth Coordinator will work out of the Oklahoma City Diocesan office most of the year and will move to live at the St. Crispin Conference Center + Camp for the summer camp season.

An ideal candidate is someone with an innovative approach to diocesan ministries and a desire to work in a highly collaborative environment to transform the lives of children and youth in the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma. Applicants should have strong administrative and communication skills, establish authentic connections with young people and have a deep personal faith.

Main areas of responsibility:

The Children and Youth Coordinator will work with the Director of Faith Training and Discipleship on youth programming throughout the year. This includes well established programs such as New Beginnings, Youth Pilgrimage and others.

The Children and Youth Coordinator will act as the Summer Camp Director, living onsite at the St. Crispin Conference Center + Camp, during the summer camp season from mid-May to mid-July .

The Children and Youth Coordinator will serve as a member of the team of ministry partners under the leadership of the Canon for Congregational Vitality and assist in his work to increase the vitality of the congregation in the diocese.

The Children and Youth Coordinator will serve as a resource for congregations supporting the ministry of children and youth in congregations.

Basic skills:

  • Demonstrates personal and spiritual maturity
  • Motivated and disciplined person
  • Adaptability, creativity and flexibility in problem solving
  • A positive, collaborative and motivating leader
  • Ability to oversee young adult endowment programs for the diocese
  • Knowledge of demonstrated best practices in programming areas including Safe Church and American Camp Association (ACA)
  • Knowledge of and experience with programs, resources, programs and opportunities in applicable areas of the training ministry

Typical tasks and responsibilities

Children and Youth Coordinator:

  • Work under the supervision of the Director of Faith Training and Discipleship Training and collaborate in the areas of budgeting, management and communications
  • Maintain, develop, implement and facilitate various events at the level of the diocese for children and young people, in order to support the development of young people as disciples of Jesus.
  • Establish, maintain and nurture ongoing relationships in congregations with child and youth ministers (paid and volunteer).
  • Familiarize yourself with various programs, resources, new materials, training programs, mission opportunities, and conferences to rejuvenate congregations, clergy, and lay leaders in the diocese and help congregations develop programs for children and youth.
  • Identify and enable the sharing of resources throughout the diocese.
  • Identify, develop and support young leaders in the diocese.
  • Represent the diocese at ministerial events, networks and conferences in applicable areas of ministry.

The team of partners of the ministry:

  • Work collaboratively as a member of the ministry partner team on a variety of projects.
  • Provide organizational support to the team of ministry partners.

St. Crispin Summer Camp Director:

  • Oversee the development, planning and direction of the summer camping program in the Diocese of Oklahoma
  • Recruit and lead camp staff throughout the summer, including counselors, volunteer staff, training counselors (CITs), medical staff and summer camp deans
  • Oversee the development and leadership of the training of counselor staff and volunteer camp staff
  • Advise, discipline and evaluate counselors and volunteer camp staff
  • Ensure summer camp compliance with all policies and regulations
  • Towards ACA accreditation
  • Coordinate the schedule and share information with the Co-Executive Directors of the St. Crispin’s + Camp Conference Center


  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably
  • Minimum of three to five years of experience working with youth at the congregational, summer camp or diocesan level
  • Demonstrated leadership and administrative skills including some experience in program management and supervision of volunteers / staff
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Technological proficiency, including proficiency in Microsoft Office suite, social media and database usage
  • Ability to live at St. Crispin + Camp Conference Center during summer camp season

Benefits and compensation:

  • Salary range $ 45,000 – 55,000, empathize with the experience
  • Relocation allowance
  • Fully Paid Family Health Coverage
  • Retirement benefits
  • Accommodation and meals for individuals / families during the summer camp season (mid-May to mid-July)

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