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Part 1 of 2

For several years, I have been teaching at the Lifelong Learning Academy at Cape Cod Community College. The program offers a wide range of subjects for Cape Codders over 50. Knowing that an election was approaching, I proposed an “election roundtable”… two rooms full of elders for two successive 6 week sessions. It was an opportunity to discuss politics with educated seniors with a lifetime of experience and thought.

Each of us agreed to come to our last class with ideas for improving the politics of our country. Rick jumped in first with a proposal to overturn the Supreme Court decision United Citizens decision that opened the floodgates for money from individuals and businesses to flow into our electoral process.

Hillary Clinton reportedly spent over a billion dollars on her campaign – and lost! Sandra found this to be encouraging news. However, she may have been the only optimist in the room that our electoral system will survive with great integrity.

Why, after all, would corporate donors and special interests part with their money if they weren’t reasonably sure they were getting their money’s worth? Whether this is legal – and even customary – should trouble us all the more. There was little confidence in the room that a government deep in special interests money would ever voluntarily give it up.