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By Victor Odundo Owuor (Senior Research Associate, One Earth Future Foundation, University of Colorado Boulder)

Over the past 10 years, mobile lending has increased in Kenya. Some estimates put the number of mobile lending platforms at 49. The sector is largely unregulated but includes major financial players. Banks such as Kenya Commercial Bank, Commercial Bank of Africa, Equity Bank and Coop Bank offer instant mobile loans.

These loan services have been made possible by the boom in the financial technology (fintech) industry.

Since the early 2000s, Kenya has been touted as a center of technological innovation from which new financial offerings have emerged. M-Pesa from the mobile phone company Safaricom is a well-known example. It is therefore not surprising that technology and unregulated lending have grown together so strongly in Kenya.

Digital lending services appear to bridge the gap for Kenyans who do not have formal bank accounts or whose incomes are not stable enough to borrow from formal financial institutions. These services have improved access to loans, but it is questionable whether the poor are being abused in the process.

Who borrows and why

A survey released earlier this year showed that formal financial inclusion – access to financial products and services – had increased from 27% of Kenya’s population in 2006 to 83%. M-Pesa was launched in 2007.

Mobile money services have benefited many people who otherwise would not have been banked. These include the poor, young people and women.

The next logical step was to make the loans available. The first mobile loans were issued in 2012 by Safaricom via M-Pesa.

In 2017, the financial inclusion organization Financial Sector Deepening Kenya reported that the majority of Kenyans have access to digital credit for business purposes such as investing and paying wages, and to meet the daily needs of households.

Some of their findings are illustrated in the figure below.

Unwrap the history of digital lending

The implications of these findings are twofold. Digital credit can help small businesses scale and manage their day-to-day cash flow. It can also help households deal with situations such as medical emergencies.

But, as the figure shows, 35% of borrowing is for consumption, including current household needs, airtime and personal or household goods. These are not the business or emergency needs envisioned by many in the investment world as the use of digital credit.

Only 37% of borrowers reported using digital credit for business and 7% used it for emergencies. Many in the development world thought that figure would be much higher.

Second, the speed and ease of access to credit through mobile apps has resulted in high indebtedness for many borrowers. In Kenya, at least one in five borrowers has difficulty repaying their loan. This is double the rate of non-performing commercial loans at conventional banks.

Despite their small size, mobile loans are often very expensive. Interest rates are high – some up to 43% – and borrowers are charged for late payments.

The business model of mobile lending is based on a constant invitation to borrow. Potential borrowers receive unsolicited text messages and phone calls encouraging them to borrow at extraordinary rates. Some platforms even contact the family and friends of borrowers when they request a refund.

It is not always clear to customers what to pay in fees and interest rates or what other terms they have agreed to. The model has been accused of causing borrowers to unknowingly cede important parts of their personal data to third parties and give up their dignity rights.

Concerns and remedies

There are concerns about how the economic model may make people even more vulnerable.

Most important is the debt culture that has become a by-product of mobile lending: borrowers fall into the trap of living on loans and accumulating bad debts.

So what can be done to improve the system so that everyone benefits?

First, even though digital loans are of low value, they can represent a significant portion of borrower income. This means that they will have a hard time paying them back. Overall, the use of high-cost short-term loans primarily for consumption, coupled with penalties for late payments and defaults, suggests that mobile lenders should take a more cautious approach to – view of the development of digital credit markets.

Second, some digital lenders are not regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya. In general, digital credit providers are not defined as financial institutions under current banking law, the Microfinance Act, or the Central Bank of Kenya Act.

Mobile lending platforms are offered by four main groups: prudential companies (such as banks, deposit-taking cooperatives and insurers), non-prudential entities, registered organizations and non-depository cooperatives as well as informal groups. such as savings circles, employers, traders and pawn shops.

Under current law, the Central Bank of Kenya only regulates the first two members of this list. They should therefore both be subject to the interest rate cap introduced in 2016. But some of the regulated financial institutions that also offer digital credit products did not comply with the interest rate cap, arguing that they charge a “facilitation fee”, and no interest on their digital credit products.

Third, and closely related to the point above, is the issue of disclosure. Borrowers often take out loans without fully understanding the terms and conditions. The information should include the key terms and all conditions of the loan products, such as loan costs, transaction fees on failed loans, bundled products (services offered and charged in tandem with the loan) and any other liability of the borrower.

Fourth, with 49 digital lending platforms, it is imperative that lenders are monitored and assessed for viability and compliance. Many mobile lending platforms are private (and some are owned by outsiders) and are not subject to public disclosure laws.

Finally, changes to the current digital credit system in all loan categories – prudential, non-prudential, registered and informal entities – are needed. An obvious system failure allows borrowers to seek funds from multiple platforms at the same time, creating a “borrow from Peter to pay Paul” scenario. At the same time, the country’s Credit Reference Bureau has been blamed for sometimes basing its reports on incomplete data.

Credit assessment systems need to be strengthened. They should obtain information from all sources of credit, including digital lenders, to improve the accuracy of credit scores. Efforts to improve the functioning of the system should determine whether digital credit screening models are robust enough and whether rules are needed to ensure that first-time borrowers are not unfairly listed. There could also be reckless loan rules or suitability requirements for digital lenders.

This article was first published by The conversation.

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Ruptok Fintech Private Limited raises 10 Cr INR in angel funding round from Wurk Mon, 19 Apr 2021 02:37:40 +0000

The fintech platform plans to use the fund to start operations in Jaipur and Mumbai by March 2021; plans to expand the business to up to 22 cities by FY23.

January 25, 2021: Ruptok Fintech Private Limited, a fintech platform for gold lending, raised INR 10 crore in an angel funding round from Wurk, a Canadian investment firm. Ruptok has endeavored to offer logistics and technology solutions for gold loans to financial institutes at their doorstep in Delhi NCR. The injected capital will be used to fuel the business and operations in Jaipur and Mumbai by March 2021. At the same time, the funds will be used to acquire the talent needed to strengthen the size of the team.

Founded in July 2020 by Ankur Gupta, Founder and CEO, a Serial Entrepreneur and Akshita Gupta, Co-Founder and Head of Human Resources and Yashwardhan Aeren, Co-Founder and Head of Product Development, Ruptok strives to provide loans instant against gold jewelry (18k and above) within 30 minutes. Ruptok is supported by ABL Workspaces Private Limited, a premium co-working space.

The company takes advantage of the low cost operating model and credit scoring tools to offer competitively priced loans with a minimum jumping interest rate of 0.85%. In less than a year, the company has already reached an Assets Under Management (AUM) of around ₹ 15 crore and is expected to increase it to ₹ 50 crore by the end of this FY21.

On the capital injection, Ankur Gupta, Founder and CEO, Ruptok Fintech Pvt. Ltd. said: “During the pandemic, we saw several people facing a cash shortage and selling their assets to meet their financial needs. Our idea behind the launch of Ruptok last year was to offer easy financing options to customers from the comfort of their doorstep. We deeply welcome and express our gratitude to Wurk who not only invested his capital in our idea, but also places his trust in us. This capital will help us fuel our business expansion plans to new cities. We are committed to providing accessible and hassle-free gold loans not only for financial institutions, but also for businesses large and small. “

Speaking on the investment, Barbara Holding, a spokesperson for Wurk, said: “The Indian fintech market has seen a huge growth trajectory in recent years, especially during the pandemic. The global crisis has brought about a fundamental shift in consumer behavior and their preference for most of the services at their doorstep. At present, the market is attracting a pool of innovative ideas and distinctive solutions to meet basic consumer solutions in offering the utmost convenience. We believe Ruptok has launched operations at the perfect time to meet clients’ financial challenges with their near and instant services. We would like to join Ruptok on their journey to success ”

The company plans to expand its operations to up to 22 cities in India by FY23. To begin with, Ruptok will first step up its operations in two new markets Jaipur and Mumbai by March 2021.

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FHA Approved Condos: How To Find One In 2021 Mon, 19 Apr 2021 02:37:40 +0000

Our goal is to give you the tools and the confidence you need to improve your finances. While we do receive compensation from our partner lenders, whom we will always identify, all opinions are ours. Credible Operations, Inc. NMLS # 1681276, is referred to herein as “Credible”.

Condos offer a compromise between renting and owning: you build equity in a property, but you share amenities with other owners and pay to outsource maintenance.

If you are looking to buy a condo, you have several mortgage options, including an FHA loan. Just prepare for a closer look during the home buying process.

Here’s what you need to know about buying FHA Approved Condos in your region :

What are FHA Approved Condos?

A FHA loan is a mortgage insured by the Federal Housing Administration. These loans often involve first-time buyers because of their lenient credit and down payment requirements. An FHA approved condo is a condominium unit that meets the FHA loan eligibility requirements.

To qualify for an FHA loan, you will likely need to meet the following criteria:

  • Credit score: 500 or more
  • Advance payment: At least 3.5% of the purchase price of the condo
  • Debt-to-income ratio: 43% or less
  • Mortgage insurance: initial premium of 1.75%; 0.45% to 1.05% annual fee
  • Property: The condo must be your primary residence

Learn more: FHA Loan Requirements and Qualifications

How FHA Approval for Condos Works

If you are looking to get an FHA condominium loan, the condo will need to go through an approval process. However, the FHA relaxed its eligibility criteria for condo owners in 2019.

Now, individual condominium units can be eligible for FHA loans even if the full development is not approved – a process called “one-off approval”.

Here are some common criteria that a condominium project must meet to receive FHA approval:

  • In condominiums with 10 or more units, up to 10% of the units may be FHA insured. For condominiums of less than 10 units, only two units are eligible for FHA loans.
  • At least 50% of dwellings must be owner occupied.
  • The condo must have adequate insurance and keep at least 10% of the HOA budget in a cash reserve.
  • At least 85% of the units must be up to date on their condominium fees.
  • No more than 35% of the property may be for commercial use.
  • Every three years, the condo project must be recertified to ensure that it still meets the requirements.
Advice: According to the FHA, there are over 150,000 condominium projects in the country, but only 6.5% of them are eligible for FHA funding.

However, with the more flexible funding requirements, the FHA expects up to 70,000 units per year to become eligible for FHA loans.

Learn more: Everything you need to know about buying a condo

Pros and Cons of FHA Approved Condos

With more flexible eligibility requirements, it might be easier for you to qualify for an FHA approved condo. But this type of house also has its drawbacks.


  • They are easier to qualify. Credit score and minimum deposit for FHA loans are more lenient compared to conventional loans. You can deposit as little as 3.5% with a credit score of at least 580.
  • The mortgage could be cheaper. The median price of condominiums was 14% cheaper than the median price of existing single-family homes in November 2020, according to the National Association of Real Estate Agents.

The inconvenients

  • You will need to pay for mortgage insurance. Recipients of FHA loans must pay two types of mortgage insurance: an initial commission of 1.75% of the loan amount plus an annual commission equal to 0.45% to 1.05% of the loan amount. This will increase the cost of your monthly payments.
  • The competition is fierce. While the new rules make it easier to find an FHA-eligible condo, they are still limited in number. There could be dozens of other interested buyers on a single unit, which could lead to a bidding war.

Although Credible does not offer FHA loans, it can help you compare great mortgage rates over conventional loans and give you a better idea of ​​how much you can afford. In minutes, you can see personalized and pre-qualified rates from all of our partner lenders.

Credible makes getting a mortgage easier

  • Instant simplified pre-approval: It only takes 3 minutes to see if you qualify for an instant streamlined pre-approval letter, without affecting your credit.
  • We keep your data private: Compare rates from multiple lenders without your data being sold or spammed.
  • A modern approach to mortgage loans: Supplement your mortgage online with banking integrations and automatic updates. Only speak to a loan officer if you want to.

Find rates now

Find: How to Get Rid of FHA Mortgage Insurance

How to Find FHA Approved Condos

If you’ve found a good condo, you’ll want to check if it meets FHA requirements. Use the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Search Tool to find out if the one you are considering is eligible.

You will need to know some details about the condo’s development, including its name, ID number, city and state.

When filling out your information in the tool, be sure to select “Approved” from the “Status” drop-down menu. This way you will only see condos eligible for FHA loans.

But there are other ways to use the tool in your FHA condo search:

  1. Fill in the information in the tool. But in the “Status” drop-down menu, choose “Rejected”. In complexes that have been rejected, you can still request on-site approval for a single unit. Your lender can work with the condominium association to file documents.
  2. When viewing the list of condos in your area, look at the “Comments” column. If you see the word “Exists,” click on it to find out why the resort has not received FHA approval. In some cases, the problem can be solved. For example, development forgot to include some of the required documents.
Advice: Also consider working with a lender or Real estate agent who has experience with this type of loan. They can help you find the right fit and understand the steps to take.

What to do if your dream condo isn’t FHA approved

If you are looking to buy a condo that is not approved for an FHA condominium loan, you can finance it through a conventional mortgage. These mortgages can be a good alternative to FHA loan.

However, you will have to meet the standard conventional loan requirements, such as depositing at least 3% on the house and having a credit score of at least 620.

Type of loan Advance payment The description
Fannie Mae 97% LTV Standard 3% At least one borrower must be a first-time buyer; requires mortgage insurance
Fannie Mae HomeReady 3% For creditworthy low-income borrowers. Income cannot exceed 80% of the median area.
Freddie Mac Home Possible 3% For borrowers with very low, low and moderate income
Piggyback loan (loan 80/10/10) ten% Allows borrowers to take out a second mortgage at the same time as the first mortgage to cover 10% of the purchase price and avoid PMI

Learn more: Piggyback loan: how to save on your mortgage with an 80-10-10 loan

Credible does not offer FHA loans, but we can help you compare prequalified rates for conventional mortgages. Consult the table below to see the rates of all our partner lenders.

About the Author

Kim porter

Kim Porter is an expert in credit, mortgages, student loans and debt management. She has been featured in US News & World Report,, Bankrate, Credit Karma, and more.

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Yellowstone Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot: When Is Yellowstone Series 4 Available? | Television and radio | Show biz & TV Mon, 19 Apr 2021 02:37:39 +0000

The American drama series Yellowstone with Kevin Costner became a huge hit in the United States. Season four is in the works and has everything you need to know about the upcoming series, including the release date, cast, trailer, plot and more.

When is Yellowstone season 4 released?

The Paramount Network renewed Yellowstone for a fourth season in February 2020, four months before the third season premiere.

The renewal of season four comes as no surprise, given that the show averages around five million viewers per episode, according to Variety.

As of yet, no exact release date has yet been confirmed for Yellowstone season four.

However, a post on Yellowstone’s official Instagram page confirmed that filming for season four has ended and will arrive in June 2021 on Paramount Network.

READ MORE: Yellowstone Season 3: Did John Dutton Predict His Own Attack?

Is there a trailer for Yellowstone season 4?

Currently, there is no trailer for season four, with Paramount still revealing little about the upcoming season.

Fans had expected news of the show by June as it’s the traditional release date, however, they were disappointed with Paramount’s lack of an update.

A trailer could drop any day now, as the series wrapped filming in November 2020.

The trailer will be released at least a month before the next season, giving fans a good idea of ​​when the full season will finally air.

Who will play in season 4 of Yellowstone?

The entire main cast is expected to return for the fourth series of Yellowstone.

That means two-time Oscar-winning actor Kevin Costner will be back as John Dutton, owner of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Costner is also an executive producer on Yellowstone.

Britannia’s Kelly Reilly is expected to be back as Beth Dutton, John’s daughter.

American Sniper’s Luke Grimes is also set to reprise his role as Kayce Dutton, John’s youngest son.

Speaking to pop culture in 2019, Grimes said Yellowstone is his favorite acting role to date.

He said: “She’s my favorite character I’ve ever played and my favorite world when it comes to a story I’ve never been a part of.”

American Beauty’s Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton, John’s other son and Cole Hauser’s Good Will Hunting as Rip Wheeler, John’s business partner and ranch manager are also likely to return.

At this time, it’s unclear whether season three antagonist Dan Jenkins, played by Danny Huston, will feature in season four.

Huston is best known for his roles in American Horror Story and the films Birth, The Aviator and The Constant Gardener.

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Tractors, earthmovers at the top of the agri-food shopping list Mon, 19 Apr 2021 02:37:38 +0000

THE Australian agricultural sector is capitalizing on improving seasonal conditions and government incentives, including the instant asset write-off program to invest in farm equipment, the latest NAB data shows.

Loans to NAB clients for farm equipment finance increased 132% year-on-year from 2019 to 2020, as agribusiness companies recover from two years of difficult conditions including drought, fires, and related disruptions. COVID-19 and, more recently, flooding.

Regional and agrifood executive NAB, Julie rynski, said trends in equipment finance were indicative of the strength of lending, resilience and overall confidence in the agriculture sector.

Loans for tractors increased 146%, while loans for equipment such as sprayers and pickers increased 142%,” Ms. Rynski said.

“Farmers looking to increase their on-farm grain storage have also resulted in a 140% increase in grain elevator loans.

“After a record 2020-21 harvest and with subsoil moisture conditions looking good in much of the southeast and southwest of the country after the summer rains, the numbers reflect our customers’ intentions to capitalize on the uplifting of the seasons conditions. “

Irrigation, investment in renewable energies

Ms Rynski said one of the most important areas of growth has been loans for irrigation plant and equipment, which increased by 217%.

“Investments in irrigation facilities and equipment are occurring across a range of production areas behind the La Nina event, providing greater security in the irrigation water supply,” she declared.

“Farmers are also investing in energy efficiency technologies and practices to generate renewable energy, with loans for on-farm solar energy infrastructure increasing 142 percent.

“We expect investments in this category to continue to grow as our customers continue to focus on sustainable farming practices and also seek to save on energy costs. “

Incentive system

Ms Rynski said as the year-end approaches, agribusinesses were making the most of the government’s instant asset write-off program to buy new machinery and make other investments on the farm.

“The instant asset write-off program applies to qualifying assets used or installed by the end of June next year, so there is still a good window of opportunity for farmers to capitalize on the program,” said she declared.

“The assets that can be depreciated are the same as those deemed eligible under the existing depreciation rules. “

Ms Rynski said the bank did not expect the current demand for equipment finance loans to ease anytime soon.

“If we continue to have favorable seasonal conditions, we expect this level of investment in farm equipment to continue over the next 15 months,” she said.

Source: NAB

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More violent clashes in Hong Kong as protesters mourn death of activist Mon, 19 Apr 2021 02:37:38 +0000

HONG KONG – Police fired tear gas and protesters smashed the windows of a shopping mall on Sunday during anti-government protests in Hong Kong amid anger over the death of a student activist and the arrest of lawmakers pro-democracy.

Hong Kong is in the sixth month of protests that began in June against a proposed extradition law and have expanded to include demands for greater democracy and other grievances. Campaigners complain that the government is eroding the Western-style autonomy and civil liberties promised when this former British colony returned to China in 1997.

Police in green fatigues with riot helmets and shields fired tear gas to clean up the streets of Tsuen Wan, in the northwest, after chasing protesters in the neighborhood Citywalk mall. Officers climbed a four-way artery shoulder to shoulder, firing bursts of tear gas in front of them.

Protesters started a small fire with debris on the street. The Apple Daily newspaper reported that four men and a woman suspected of vandalizing stores in Tsuen Wan were taken away.

In Sha Tin, in the northeast, authorities closed a subway station after protesters smashed windows and damaged an ATM. Reporters saw police arrest three men at a residential complex elsewhere in Sha Tin, but the reason was unclear.

In Tuen Mun, in the northwest, about three dozen people dressed in black, the symbolic color of the protests, broke into a shopping mall.

Most were peaceful, but one used a club to smash windows while others knocked over tables in a restaurant. Onlookers on the street outside shouted “Cockroaches! ” to the police.

Inside the Festival Walk shopping center in Kowloon Tong, reporters saw a man lying on a public walkway next to a small pool of blood with police standing above him. His condition and the reason for his possible injuries were unclear.

There were brief scuffle matches between the police and the buyers, some of whom threw their fists in the air in a gesture of defiance. Police sprayed pepper spray inside the mall.

A government statement said that a person arrested in Kowloon Tong had escaped from police due to outcry from protesters.

Activists are calling for the resignation of the leader of the semi-autonomous Chinese territory, Executive Director Carrie Lam.

The protests added to the downward pressure on Hong Kong’s economy. He was already grappling with declining global economic growth and the US-China tariff war.

The territory of 7.5 million people entered its first recession since the global financial crisis after economic activity contracted 3.2% in the quarter ending in September.

Police announced on Saturday the arrest of six lawmakers accused of obstructing the local assembly in a rowdy May 11 meeting over the extradition bill. All were released on bail.

Meanwhile, protesters mourned the death on Friday of university student Chow Tsz-Lok, who fell from a parking lot when police fired tear gas at protesters.

The circumstances of the death are unclear, but many accuse the police of using brutal tactics, including the widespread use of tear gas and pepper spray. Police have denied pushing the 22-year-old student during the incident last Monday or delaying emergency treatment.

The territory is preparing for the district council elections on November 24 which are seen as a measure of public sentiment towards the government.

Pro-democracy lawmakers accuse the government of trying to provoke violence to justify the cancellation or postponement of elections.

Violence erupted Friday night when protesters took to the streets following commemorative events for the student in several locations.

More than 3,300 people have been arrested since the start of the protest movement.

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Subprime Loan BDCs Take Advantage of Pandemic Opportunities Mon, 19 Apr 2021 02:37:38 +0000

NEW YORK, June 15 (LPC) – Subprime credit business development companies (BDCs) become increasingly active in the private credit space as the coronavirus pandemic continues to strain more traditional sources of credit for small and medium-sized businesses.

A handful of companies, including Hercules Capital, Horizon Technology Corp, and TriplePoint Venture Growth, target fast-growing, fast-growing companies that generate outrageous returns compared to traditional middle-market private credit.

Unlike banks which are generally more conservative in their investments, these BDCs provide debt to startups and growing businesses that do not have positive cash flows or significant assets to use as collateral.

The life sciences and technology sectors, favored by venture capital (VC), are also favorites of this type of risk lender.

Hercules, a BDC with a net asset value of US $ 1.1 billion, recently entered into a US $ 100 million debt program for oncology company G1 Therapeutics to fund its development of trilaciclib, a medicine designed to help patients during chemotherapy. Horizon Technology Corp reported a series of deals over the past month, including a US $ 15 million loan to Emalex Biosciences to fund clinical trials for its Tourette syndrome treatment drug.

“We feel good about the life sciences market right now. There is a lot of capital flowing into this market, ”said Jerry Michaud, CEO of Horizon, in a telephone interview.


Since risky debt combines loans with warrants, or rights to purchase shares, to offset the higher risk of default, it can also provide double-digit returns.

Debt is provided at a higher price compared to traditional private credit financing and generally has a shorter term, with maturities ranging from 36 to 48 months.

Funding generally depends on the milestones taken by the borrowing companies, whether it is regulatory approval of a drug or a certain level of sales.

The loan-to-value ratio (LTV), a standard measure of risk assessment, is typically between 10% and 30% for venture capital debt, Michaud says, significantly lower than middle-market private credit agreements that can range from 60% to 80%. .

In the recent first quarter earnings season, Hercules, Horizon and TriplePoint, all publicly traded BDCs, reported a slight decline in their respective net asset value per share, compared to the average decline of 14% for the industry, according to Refinitiv BDC Collateral.

Non-accumulations were low and debt ratios hovered around the single level, also below the industry average of 5.5%.

Unlike stocks at other BDCs that target the mid-market, Hercules and Horizon stocks trade above net asset value, suggesting investor confidence in subprime loans.

The high net asset values ​​are driven by the fact that venture capital firms have record amounts of capital that can be deployed to help businesses and fund new investments.

“Steps have been taken by the portfolio companies to cut costs and strengthen the balance sheet, and this goes hand in hand with the fact that they are typically backed by multiple VCs,” said Tim Hayes, analyst at B Riley FBR, in a phone. interview. “There is a ton of venture capital on the sidelines to support the companies in the portfolio. “

In 2019, venture capital funds raised US $ 46.3 billion in 2019, the second-highest since the record year of US $ 58 billion in 2018, according to data from research firm Pitchbook and the National Venture Capital Association trading organization.

When releasing its first quarter results, Hercules said that a fifth of the companies in its portfolio were able to raise new shares or subordinated capital from outside sources.

“What we’ve seen so far is the continued determination and action to protect balance sheets, lengthen leads and ensure companies have enough cash on their balance sheets to survive a prolonged period of uncertainty. and volatility, ”said Scott Bluestein, CEO of Hercules. , in the company’s first quarter earnings call last month.

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Maybelline’s must-have Instant Anti Age Eraser is on sale for £ 5.49 Mon, 19 Apr 2021 02:37:37 +0000

Maybelline’s must-have Instant Anti Age Eraser is Amazon’s best-selling concealer – and it’s now on sale for just £ 5.49

If you want a concealer that hides blemishes and covers dark circles, look no further than Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eraser Eye Concealer.

Buyers have crowned budget beauty buying “the best concealer,” with its ability to almost instantly eliminate the appearance of a restless night’s sleep and bad rashes.

And for a limited time, it’s on sale for just £ 5.49 at Amazon. That’s a savings of £ 3.50 (39%), so you can pick up the cult classic for less.

Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eraser Concealer costs £ 5.49, but it's luxurious

If you want a concealer that will hide blemishes and cover dark circles, look no further than Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eraser Concealer.

Formulated with brightening boosters like Goji Berry, Caffeine and Haloxyl, puffiness and shadows are reduced with just a few passes using the sponge tip applicator.

In addition, the Maybelline concealer is described as being just as creamy and blendable as its more expensive counterparts while providing long lasting coverage.

On Amazon, it has received stellar accolades, racking up over 21,000 five-star ratings to date and winning the # 1 bestseller spot over Amazon’s competition. Category Eye concealer. Beauty fans have described it as the “perfect” and “mixable and brightening” under-eye concealer.

“I only received it this morning and just used it and had to write a review immediately,” one buyer explained in his five-star review. “I’ve always had dark circles under my eyes and I’ve tried so many concealers, and nothing hid them all … well, until today!

“I honestly can’t believe how well this product works. I don’t have dark circles !! I already love this product so much. ‘

Formulated with brightening boosters like Goji Berry, Caffeine and Haloxyl, puffiness and shadows are reduced in just a few passes using the sponge tip applicator

Formulated with brightening boosters like Goji Berry, Caffeine and Haloxyl, puffiness and shadows are reduced in just a few passes using the sponge tip applicator

“THE best concealer around,” exclaimed another. “It’s even better than Touché Eclat. For those with very dark circles (yes my husband has told me on occasion that I look like a raccoon in the morning!) – a little swipe and a mix of this product takes out the dark and makes me look eyes fresh and well rested for the day ahead.

A third customer commented: “Covers all my redness and spots, love, love, love.”

To use, you turn the applicator collar until the concealer settles on the sponge and apply directly to the area under the eyes in a triangle shape upside down. This technique instantly creates the illusion that your face is lifted.

On Amazon, the corrector has received stellar praise, racking up over 21,000 five-star ratings

On Amazon, the corrector has received stellar praise, racking up over 21,000 five-star ratings

Then be sure to blend with your fingers, a Beautyblender or a makeup brush to finish. It also works well to cover discoloration spots like redness around the nose without clumping.

If you are covering spots, do not dab the applicator directly on your face, as this is unhygienic.

Instead, put the concealer on the back of your hand and, using a clean finger, press the product onto the blemish and blend around the outside using a small brush to a seamless finish.

MailOnline can earn a sales commission from the links on this page.

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CeraVe SA smoothing cleanser got rid of my acne in two weeks Mon, 19 Apr 2021 02:37:37 +0000

I have struggled with acne since I was a teenager, and although I have mostly (and luckily) passed the severe cystic breakout stage, my skin is far from clear as I am now in my mid. -around twenty. Painful spots under the skin are now rare, but I end up with a lot of scarring and inflammation and still get very painful rashes every now and then.

This, coupled with the fact that my skin is both oily and sensitive (people with acne will share my pain), means trying new skin care products can be a gamble. Of course, the nature of being an editor in a product review section means that I take this risk regularly, and after trying endless amounts of skin care products that have promised me clear skin, less texture. , brighter complexion and reduced scars, most to no avail, I’m the perfect guinea pig for a product for acne-prone skin.

Nicknamed “lock skinBy experts, many people have reported an increase in acne breakouts, redness, excess oil or dryness during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s safe to say that I also noticed a complete change in my skin on the first lockdown in March, ranging from extreme dryness one day to uncontrollable oiliness and painful breakouts the next.

As someone who also wore full makeup to work every day before the pandemic, being completely fresh for months to be rewarded with even more breakouts and pain was the ultimate betrayal. Fortunately, since then my skin has started to settle in, but I’m still on the hunt for a new product to soothe the inflammation and prevent dark spots.

The massive amount of marketing claims, hot ingredients, and new technology hitting my inbox would overwhelm even the most savvy skin care experts, which I certainly don’t pretend to be. In fact, it wasn’t until I got back to basics and stripped down my skin care regimen that I found a new holy grail product that offers truly tangible results after a few weeks of use, the all for the grand old £ 12 total. If your skin is struggling during Lockdown 3.0, read on to find out why you need this humble cleanser in your life.

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The gamechanger: CeraVe SA Salicylic Acid Smoothing Cleanser, 236ml: £ 12, Boots – Buy now


The dermatologist-founded American skincare brand finally made it to the UK in 2018, much to the delight of avid fans, including skincare expert Caroline Hirons. It joins the likes of The Ordinary and The Inkey List in its clean, science-driven approach focusing on ingredient effectiveness rather than luxurious packaging and over-the-top marketing.

Many of the brand’s products are suitable for sensitive skin, which was music to my ears, and although the brand was regularly recommended by dermatologists, it achieved new cult status in the UK during the lockdown as TikTok users rave about the products for their results and affordability.

Although CeraVe was on my radar, I hadn’t tried its products until late last year, when my skin was in the depths of a Lock 2.0 breakout. Its smoothing cleanser is infused with salicylic acid, a heroic ingredient for oily skin that gently exfoliates, unclogs pores, and reduces inflammation and redness. It is part of the beta-hydroxy (BHA) family, which, in simple terms, means it’s brilliant to penetrate deep into pores without causing the irritation that other acids can often cause. It can also help reduce sebum production, reduce acne, and calm the skin during a particularly severe rash.

As with the rest of the CeraVe range, the packaging is uninspiring but practical, with a hygienic pump neck and a slightly transparent bottle that helps identify when you are about to run out of product. The unscented gel formula certainly isn’t a luxury experience to apply, with a liquid consistency that offers a light lather, but it really delivers on what it promises. After just one use during particularly severe rashes, the redness is reduced and my skin is smoother, and after just two weeks of using the cleanser twice a day, my acne cleared up considerably and the rashes were maintained. remotely from.

This no-frills product helps me manage my skin during an outbreak, improving the texture of my scars and banishing any inflammation. At just £ 12 a bottle, honestly I can’t see myself using anything else at the moment which is a big statement to make considering how much I love trying new formulas. While it doesn’t offer the same experience as a more luxurious creamy cleanser, I would take the results of CeraVe’s offering any day.

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CeraVe also got # 1 in our review of the best skin care products for £ 10, and was dermatologist recommended in our guide to winter skincare essentials, so it’s safe to say that it’s a brand worth investing in.

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