Cap Times Idea Fest: “Unfinished Business” in Women’s Sport, 50 Years Later | Local News

Sport for these women has changed their lives, propelling them into careers where they grapple with social justice issues around gender and race. And while they have benefited from the tremendous strides made in women’s sport, challenges remain in achieving fairness on the playing field.

“Hardly a day goes by in my workplace that I’m not reminded that you are a woman, and for that reason your life is very different from that of a man who does the exact same thing as all of you. the days, ”Charley said. , the professional footballer.

“Structural things haven’t changed as much as we would have liked in 50 years,” Oregon Cox admitted.

Prior to Title IX, historically black colleges and universities “were the best in the world” at giving black female athletes – often from the Jim Crow South – an education and a chance to compete, ASU’s Jackson said.

Ed Temple, who coached women’s track and field at HBCU Tennessee State University, has coached future Olympians like Wilma Rudolph, giving them “door-opening opportunities.” These women went on to form the US track and field team, ”said Jackson.

Another leader who led the way was Patsy Mink, said Oshiro, from his home state of Hawaii. Mink was the first woman of color elected to the House of Representatives and one of the authors and sponsors of Title IX.

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