Can Medical Device Reps Have a Healthy Work-Life Balance and Growing Career? Yes and yes.

Medical device sales representatives wear many hats. Part health specialist, part technical assistant, part product expert, device representatives have proven themselves to physicians who rely on their support and advice in the operating room.

The job of a medical device representative is known to be incredibly rewarding, yet completely exhausting. Most reps do not have a medical degree, but spend hundreds of hours educating themselves on surgical products and techniques, and often attend as many procedures as physicians. Representatives also spend a lot of time coordinating schedules, traveling to cases, and preparing to enter procedure rooms.

For every procedure a representative attends, there are dozens more that they cannot. “All too often, procedures are delayed or even canceled because a representative cannot physically get to the hospital on time, ”says Jerry Carter, vice president of sales at Avail Medsystems. “Or the representative arrives at the hospital on time, but the surgeon is delayed.” in another case, and the representative is forced to spend hours waiting for the procedure. “

Time spent traveling and waiting for procedures is time wasted, time that could be better spent supporting other clients or engaging with friends and family. And medical device representatives know it. One in three medical device reps polled in a MedReps poll said their work negatively impacts their personal life. Excessive travel, paperwork, and a lack of work-life balance were among the top five things reps said they least liked about their jobs.

Long working days take their toll, forcing some reps to concede business to competitors who can better serve their accounts. Others simply run out.

“My clients would always ask me: why are we constantly changing reps, why can’t we get coverage here, why is there such a high turnover rate? These questions are part of the course, ”says Carter.

Clearly, burnout and poor work-life balance need to be addressed for the health of representatives and the medical device industry as a whole. Fortunately, advances in technology and communication are changing the way salespeople do business.

Avail Medsystems technology allows medical device representatives to be in the operating room, even when they cannot be. This unique remote platform with integrated AV hardware and software enables representatives to cover more cases in a day, reduce travel time, support physicians with emerging cases, and increase sales capacity. .

Two remote-controlled cameras – one on a six-foot boom – with 30x video zoom magnification allow sales representatives to see procedures up close, from any angle. Two-way audio makes it easy to receive calls from the operating room and consult physicians in real time.

“I see countless new opportunities opening up with this technology,” says Rob Hadley, director of strategic accounts at Avail Medsystems. A seasoned executive in global medical device sales, Hadley came to Avail because he saw it as an obvious solution to many of the challenges faced by representatives in their careers and personal lives. “Representatives may be in their home office or in another hospital or surgical center, receive a call on their laptop or iPad, and be able to guide the physician through the use of a product during the procedure, rather than go there, stay in a hotel room and fly home. ”

Representatives may not be able to attend every proceeding in person, but Avail has them in mind. “If you can call the doc and say, ‘I’ll be available if you find yourself in a tough spot, I’m right there,’ that will keep you relevant,” says Hadley. “This is a whole new kind of access that elevates you to the level of a solution provider rather than just a provider.”

Building and maintaining relationships is essential for representatives to ensure that clients continue to rely on and turn to them for their expertise. By being available whenever they need it, even though they may not be there physically, representatives can strengthen customer relationships, foster trust, and provide superior service, ultimately leading to greater opportunities for business. growth of accounts.

In addition to enabling representatives to be more professionally efficient, Avail technology promotes a healthy work-life balance. “Of course you still have to travel,” says Hadley, “but at least not 100% of the time. Avail really gives us both work and lifestyle. And that’s a key factor today for us. all of us. “

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