Brunswick Region Historical Society steeple project nearing completion

BRUNSWICK, Ohio — A plan to erect a steeple at Heritage Farm, 4613 Laurel Road, to include the former steeple of First Christian Church, was discussed at the June 14 city council meeting in the following the approval of the preliminary site plans at the town planning committee meeting on June 3.

The steeple project is part of a larger effort by the Brunswick Area Historical Society to build a Brunswick Schools Museum on the town-owned Heritage Farm property, which also serves as the home of the historical society. The Brunswick Region Historical Society rents out the part of the property where the museum and bell tower will be located from the city.

Brunswick Community and Economic Development Director Grant Aungst briefed council members on issues raised at the June 3 planning meeting, including the final 15-foot height of the steeple structure, when the bell would ring. and how it might affect the surrounding residents, and how the color and materials harmonize with the surrounding farm buildings.

The Planning Commission asked the historical society to provide a color rendering of the proposed steeple, Aungst said.

Brunswick Region Historical Society members Carl Bilski and David Goodyear were at the June 14th Council meeting. At-Large City Councilor Joe Delsanter has called the steeple project the city’s “monument of history” and he feels comfortable with the historical society moving forward.

Ward 2 Councilor Nick Hanek, however, called for taking more time to “clarify these exact plans,” especially more details on when the modernized electric bell will be rung and a long-term financial plan for it. maintenance of the bell tower.

“Thank you for your commitment, but I am conscientious and attentive to what we put on the public domain,” Hanek said. “I represent Brunswick Lake and I know things are deteriorating. I know the historical society has funds [to construct] the bell tower. Everyone wants historical society to succeed, but my concern is [long-range] Planning; how much does the bell cost when it breaks? How much will it cost for electricity? When it doesn’t come back to the historical society, these things will fall to the city. “

Council approved a motion asking the historical society to provide the city administration with a timeline and long-term plan for the project, including financial projections, to be approved by Council in conjunction with the approval by the commission. ‘town planning of a detailed site plan.

Energy improvement district

The Council also adopted three laws relating to the formation of an energy improvement district in the city, within the framework of the energy improvement districts of the county of Medina and the city of Medina.

Aungst explained that Energy Improvement Districts (ESDs) are a funding vehicle for energy efficient building projects and extensions that can impact business attraction and retention. Preliminary plans to improve energy efficient lighting in city buildings have been proposed as the first ESD project in the city.

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