Bill with funding for Spegleville Road infrastructure project passes US Senate

MCLENNAN COUNTY, TX – A bill that would provide $ 8.3 million in federal funding for a Speegleville Road Bridge expansion project was tabled in the Senate on Monday.

The bill, known as the “INVEST in America Act,” provides funding for improving highways and other infrastructure across the country.

Mayor Dillion Meek and other city leaders are working with Congressman Pete Sessions and his staff to get Speegleville Road. project included in the bill.

The bridge, which crosses the Middle Bosque River on Speegleville Road, is just north of the River Valley Middle School. Principal Paul Offill says he heard parents worry about traffic and the lack of sidewalks in the area.

“There is a concern about the traffic in this area, and I know they worked on the road last year, a few years ago, which helped a lot, but there are still concerns about the traffic. traffic patterns in this area and the lack of walking access, ”said Offill. mentionned.

The school itself is currently under construction for an expansion that will convert it from a fifth and sixth grade school to a full college for sixth, seventh and eighth graders.

“We’re going to be a college around this time next year, so we’ll have three classes instead of two, so more accessibility would be great for our parents and students,” Offill said.

The City of Waco says it agrees with concerns about traffic patterns and pedestrian access, which is why it has been seen as a priority for federal funding opportunities.

“First, just reduce traffic jams because the roads on both sides of the bridges will be widened – that bridge would become a pinch point there,” said Ashley Nystrom, chief of staff. “And then too, a top priority for the city and county at this bridge was to improve the protection and safety of pedestrians.”

After the bill passed House 221-201 on July 1, it was read in the Senate for the first time on Monday.

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