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It looks like another part of an existing project to provide safer and better pedestrian and bike access to the Susquehanna Riverwalk is getting closer to reality.

City Council’s Public Works Committee on Tuesday made a positive recommendation for a resolution to commit to funding the Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program for the Basin Street Susquehanna Riverwalk Connector Interchange.

City engineer Jon Sander noted that the project‘s estimated cost is $114,000. This is the second phase of the project, which will start at the Interstate 180 on-ramp and travel south to the River Parkway.

The grant would pay $96,900 of project costs and require a city match of $17,000. The grant would be submitted by Delta Development Group, an economic development consulting firm in the city.

The first phase of the project has been funded and authorized, Sander said.

The project has the full support of Lycoming County and Lycoming College, and is part of the overall vision for the revitalization of Old Town East Third Street.

This connector has been discussed for a long time, according to Councilor Randall J. Allison.

He said that not only would it complement access to the river walk, making it easier and safer to use, but would be good for tourism, recreational opportunities for users, the business climate as more people walk and bike in the area and another access point to the river walk.

A resolution to award the purchase of a traffic control safety trailer, as presented by Scott Livermore, Director of the City’s Department of Public Works.

Basically, it is a trailer designed for traffic control when there are big special events. This will bring the city up to date with State Department of Transportation regulations when closing lanes.

Since the trailer’s original plan, the cost has increased for new and equipped to around $26,000 from the original’s $19,000.

So Livermore said his proposal was to buy the trailer from Best Choice Trailer for $4,700 and buy cones and barricades from another warehouse for $13,000, to keep the cost within the $19 range. $000 and use US bailout funds for purchases.

Councilman Vincent Pulizzi noted how the trailer’s purchase description listed the year of manufacture as 2022, and a box ticked as new but had been driven 7,000 miles.

“This may be a typo or warrants review,” says Pulizzi.

Livermore considered it a good take from Pulizzi and said he would review the information in time for the board meeting.

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