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What is the status of the Vermont Street and Parkway Terrace project?


The Vermont Street / Parkway Terrace reconstruction project is expected to begin later this month, as the city recently held a pre-construction meeting with contractor, James Peterson Sons, Inc. of Medford, Wisconsin.

According to city administrator Adam Sonntag, the meeting was used to help plan the project and ensure the city and the contractor are on the same page.

During the meeting, he says the contractor provided the city with a tentative schedule for the project, which has a scheduled start date of Monday, June 28, and a scheduled completion date of Saturday, October 30.

Sonntag added that some activities on the site may start before the scheduled start date.

At $ 2.2 million, the project is expected to be one of the city’s largest road projects in its history. According to an email from Public Works Director Mike Ehrenberg, the project is the city’s only road project slated for this summer.

This was made possible by a $ 1 million Community Development Block Grant for Public Facilities (CDBG) from the Wisconsin Department of Administration, which will rebuild Vermont Street and Parkway Terrace from Oshkosh Street to Creative Way.

Most of the remaining $ 1.2 million will be funded through the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources drinking water loan programs and the Clean Water Fund Loan, which are low-interest loans worth $ 475, respectively. $ 000 and $ 560,000.

Sonntag says the two loan programs “complement CDBG very well.”

“At the end of the day you have a $ 2 million project where about 50% is grant money – that’s the difference here in this project – in general we would have maybe done a million dollar project. of dollars, not a $ 2 million project, “the administrator said.

The new roadway on Vermont Street and Parkway Terrace will consist of two 16-foot traffic lanes with curbs and gutters.

In addition, the sanitary sewer and water main will be replaced along both roads. The improvements also include adjustments to the alignment and profile of the pavement to improve drainage. An additional storm sewer will be constructed to evacuate stormwater off the site.

In fact, city council unanimously approved two resolutions related to the Vermont Street / Parkway Terrace reconstruction project on Tuesday.

The first resolution allows the city to submit requests for state financial assistance in the form of a loan application for drinking water and the clean water fund loan programs.

“We work directly with the DNR and – and in this case MSA [Professional Services, Inc] also – to fill out all the applications and submit a bunch of documents to apply for this funding, ”Sonntag said. “We’re hoping to get a rebate of the principal on these loans, so that’s basically the same as giving money.”

He added that the city does not know the full scope of potential principal forgiveness.

The second was a resolution declaring the official intention to reimburse expenses up to $ 2 million with proceeds from various funding sources.

During the meeting, Sonntag explained that work on the project must begin before the city receives funding from the Drinking Water Loan and the Clean Water Fund Loan.

“This resolution states that as these bills come in, they can be paid back later with the funding,” he said.

What this means for you:

Sonntag says this is Ripon’s first project to use CDBG funds and hopes it can serve as a springboard for other projects funded through different loan and grant programs.

“I hope he provides a plan for the community in the future to continue investing in infrastructure by securing grants and working creatively with funds to solve some of these road and infrastructure issues.” , did he declare. “It’s a step in the right direction.

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