All remaining COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted as of May 29

BOSTON ( The Baker-Polito administration has announced that the Commonwealth is on track to meet the goal of vaccinating 4.1 million residents by the first week of June and that all remaining restrictions on COVID-19 will be lifted as of May 29.

The Commonwealth’s face cover order will also be revoked on May 29. The Department of Public Health will issue new advice covering the face in accordance with updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Face covering will still be mandatory for all people on public and private transportation networks (including rideshare, liveries, taxis, ferries, MBTA, commuter train, and transit stations), health facilities and in other contexts welcoming vulnerable populations, such as collective care facilities. .

Governor Charlie Baker will end the state of emergency on June 15.

The Administration also announced updates that come into effect on May 18 to revise face coverage requirements for youth and amateur sports and other guidelines for child care programs and schools. kindergarten to grade 12. The Administration will be issuing updated guidelines for summer camps starting May 29.

The administration is in a position to take these steps to reopen the Commonwealth economy as Massachusetts is on track to meet the December target of fully immunizing more than 4 million people by the first week of June. The Commonwealth leads the country in vaccinating residents, with 75% of adults receiving at least one dose. To date, more than 4 million people have received a first dose, of which 3.2 million are fully vaccinated.

New cases have fallen 89% since January 8. COVID hospitalizations are down 88% since January 1, and the rate of positive tests is down 88%, from 8.7% on January 1 to 1% today.

Starting May 29

As of May 29, all industries will be allowed to open. With the exception of the remaining facial coverage requirements for public and private transportation systems and facilities housing vulnerable populations, all industry restrictions will be lifted and capacity will increase to 100% for all industries. The collection limit will be canceled.

All industries will be encouraged to follow CDC guidelines for cleaning and hygiene protocols.

On May 18, 2020, the Administration published the reopening phases, who called for an end to restrictions when vaccines became widely available. Today, there are more than 975 places where Massachusetts residents can access vaccines without delay.

Face Coverage Tips

In accordance with the CDC’s updated facial coverage guidelines, the Administration will revoke the current facial coverage order and issue a new notice covering the face effective May 29.

Unvaccinated people are advised to continue to wear face masks and to continue to distance themselves in most situations. The advisory will also recommend that fully vaccinated people no longer wear face masks or social distancing indoors or outdoors, except in certain situations.

Face blankets will still be needed for everyone using public and private transportation (including rideshare, liveries, taxis, ferries, MBTA, commuter train, and transit stations), healthcare facilities, and health care providers, collective care facilities, and daytime health and rehabilitation services.

Face covers will also remain mandatory indoors for staff and students of K-12 schools and preschool providers.

Link to mask guidance

Sports facial coverage tips for young people and amateurs

As of May 18, the Youth and Amateur Sports Guide will be updated to no longer require face coverings for young athletes 18 and under when playing outdoor sports. As of May 29, all restrictions on youth and amateur sports will be lifted.

Link to sports guidance for young people

K-12, preschool education and summer camp orientation

As of May 18, guidelines from the Ministry of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Ministry of Early Childhood Education and Care will be updated to no longer require masks for outdoor activities such as recreation and to enable the sharing of objects in classrooms, both Kindergarten to Grade 12. and child care settings. These guidelines will remain in effect beyond May 29.

The Administration will issue updated guidelines for summer camps, effective May 29, which will include the elimination of masks for outdoor activities.

Link to the DESE guide

Link to EEC guidelines

State of emergency decree

Governor Baker will end the Emergency state June 15, and the Administration will work with legislative and municipal partners during this period to manage an orderly transition from emergency measures adopted by decree and special legislation during the period of the state of emergency.

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