Affordable Housing Complex in Chenango Co. to see funding in the future

NEW BERLIN, NY (WBNG) – An affordable housing complex sits at the intersection of Route 80 and 5 Corners Road in the northern part of New Berlin. The group of buildings is called “Red Mill Apartments” and with the support of two entities in the Chenango County area, it could receive much needed funding in the near future.

Through a partnership between the Chenango County Department of Planning and Development and Greater Opportunities for Broome and Chenango, Director Shane Butler said a lot of money will be invested in this project.

“We are applying on their behalf for a project over half a million dollars through the State Office of Community Renewal to renovate the Red Mill complex.”

Butler says conditions in the 18 apartments aren’t the best. “Currently I think there are two apartments that are not usable so basically we are going to add more housing units for people to live in, it gives extra longevity to those apartments so people have a place to live.”

The planning director says housing has been and has been an issue in the county for some time. He mentions that he hopes this project will help. “There is a huge housing shortage right now in Chenango County, not just for apartments but for homes in general, so at all times we can make sure these homes are affordable and in good repair. is an advantage for Chenango County.”

There are programs within the Ministry of Planning and Development set up to help those in need of affordable housing. “We have two programs through Greater Opportunity. One is a home ownership program for low to moderate income people to buy their first home, we also have a housing rehabilitation program which basically solves the problem of safe housing, led to paint this kind of things and again it’s low to moderate income but was always trying to improve our programs and add more programs so people in Chenango County can get into homes, or especially safe housing.

He says that thanks to the partnership, the total estimate for the project will be $4,784,487.00. To get it, he says they applied to CDBG CARES and NYS Home and Community Renewal (HRC).

For more information on the Chenango County Planning and Development Department, you can click here. For more information on the best opportunities for Broome and Chenango, you can click here.

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