Additional Funding for Livestock Drought Aid Program Approved at Water Commission Meeting

On Tuesday, June 8, the Water Commission approved additional funding of $ 2 million for the Livestock Drought Water Assistance Program (Program). A total of $ 4.1 million has been authorized through multiple approvals since the program was reactivated in April 2021.

The program was originally created in 1991 and was last activated in 2017. It is aimed at eligible livestock producers who are experiencing drought-related impacts on their operations in counties affected by water levels. extreme drought intensity (D3), as well as adjacent counties. For a herder to be eligible, he must receive at least 50 percent of his annual gross income from farming or ranching.

The program offers 50% cost-shared assistance, up to $ 4,500 per project, with a maximum of three projects per applicant. Eligible project elements include: new water wells; connections to the rural water supply system; pipeline extensions; pasture taps and associated works; and the rental of labor, materials and equipment for work performed by the producer to develop new water supply projects.

Since the reactivation of the Program on April 8, 2021, more than $ 2.2 million in funding has been approved to support 573 projects for 398 producers.

Application forms and additional information are available on the Water Commission website at For more details on the program, please contact the Planning and Education Division of the Water Commission at (701) 328-4989.

The 10-member Water Commission includes Governor Doug Burgum as Chairman, Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring and eight members appointed by the Governor for a six-year term.

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