# 635: In which beepers, cheese curds and Chinese astronauts take off – and Emeril takes it up a notch

Last step : Welcome Friday, dear readers! You’ve conquered another busy work week and won another restful weekend – almost.

More than a last sprint! So dig deep, fearless go-getter, and here’s a little nudge of innovation to help you bring it home.

Mammo mia: It’s October 15th and as we come in the middle of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we mark National Mammography Day, always with a focus on prevention and early detection on the third Friday in October. .

Holy shit: Today, it also offers a unique flavor combination – both National Mushroom Day (a celebration of portobello, truffles and everything in between) and National Cheese Curd Day (when Wisconsin cheddar takes flight. ).

And if none of that cheers you on, then you are the target audience for National Grunt Day, also grudgingly acknowledged every October 15.

Light touch: In a much better mood, at least by this date in 1878, was Thomas Edison, who flipped the switch on the Edison Electric Light Co.

Essentially a shell company, the New Jersey-based company controlled the master innovator’s patents, while also funding his ongoing electric lighting experiments.

Final approach: It wouldn’t open to commercial traffic until December 2 of that year, but New York City Airport – now known as La Guardia Airport – was officially opened on October 15, 1939, after the city of New York took control of the old North Beach. Airport.

Pager keeper: Aircall of New York City, America’s first paging service, sent its historic first page on that date in 1950, reaching a golfing doctor 40 kilometers away.

Playing ball: “I Love Lucy,” one of the most beloved and influential sitcoms in television history, debuted on the CBS television network 70 years ago tonight.

For those who count the score, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz would become the first millionaire television stars in history.

Welcome to the club: And any nonagenarian actor can now fly to the last frontier, but spaceflight was still a big deal on October 15, 2003, when Lt. Col. Yang Liwei of the People’s Liberation Army became the first man. Chinese in space.

The astronaut (or Yuhangyuan, meaning ‘universe travel worker’) orbited the Earth 14 times during its historic 21-hour flight, before parachuting down to Inner Mongolia.

Sculpt his Nietzsche: The German philosopher, cultural critic, composer, poet, writer and philologist Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900) – who still deeply marked modern intellectualism – would be 177 years old today.

Also born on October 15, controversial British paleobotanist and author Marie Charlotte Carmichael Stopes (1880-1958), who strongly supported both eugenics and women’s rights; American astronomer Jesse Greenstein (1909-2002), who co-discovered quasars; American automotive executive Lido Anthony “Lee” Iacocca (1924-2019), who developed the Ford Mustang before saving the Chrysler Corp. ; American bestselling author, screenwriter and journalist Mario Puzo (1920-1999), who wrote the book on “The Godfather”; and American actress, director and producer Carole Penny Marshall (1943-2018), who rose to fame as Laverne DeFazio (Shirley Feeney’s roommate) before achieving great Hollywood hits.

Bam! And say hello, Emeril John Lagassé III! The award-winning American celebrity chef, restaurateur and cookbook author – who returned to the public eye this year as a guest judge on the “MasterChef” reality TV series – turns 62 today.

Give the best to the Spicy Philanthropist, GQ Magazine Chef of the Year 1998 and two-time James Beard Foundation Award winner at [email protected], where your tips and calendar events are the key ingredients of our Stew innovation.

About our sponsor: The Long Island Business Development Council has been helping to build the regional economy for 52 years by bringing togetherdevelopment managers, developers, financial experts and others for education, debate and networking.


Ongoing advocacy: A new survey by one of the region’s leading business advocacy organizations suggests that more non-stop flights to and from Long Island MacArthur Airport could boost the company’s annual revenue. airport to more than a billion dollars.

The Fly Islip poll – sponsored by Hauppauge-based HIA-LI and conducted between August 3 and September 6 by Ronkonkoma Campolo’s law firm, Middleton & McCormick – asked executives of 504 Long Island companies with budgets annual travel expenses of up to $ 20,000. Respondents indicated that they currently spend around 36 percent of their travel budgets at LIMA, but would increase that figure to nearly 79 percent if more non-stop travel options were available at destination and coming from the airfield belonging to the town of Islip.

By multiplying those responses by the roughly 122,000 businesses in Nassau and Suffolk counties with travel budgets, the HIA-LI calculates a huge jump in revenue – exceeding $ 1.1 billion a year – for a busier LIMA. “This investigation clearly demonstrates the significant untapped value of Long Island MacArthur Airport,” HIA-LI President and CEO Terri Alessi-Miceli said this week. “Long Island business, government and civic leaders must join forces to increase the number of non-stop flights offered by the airport. “

Keep giving: The home base of the Father of Bioelectronic Medicine has a new name, following an undisclosed donation from generous donors.

The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research bioelectronic medicine laboratory – headed by Kevin Tracey, president and CEO of the Feinstein Institutes, recognized worldwide as the leader in the emerging field – is now the biomedical science laboratory of the Tatyana family and Alan Forman. While the amount of Formans’ donation is secret, Northwell Health’s R&D mecca calls it a “transformational gift” that will allow Tracey and her friends to continue their cutting-edge research in the growing field of bioelectronic medicine. , which eschews traditional pharmaceuticals to treat injuries and illnesses throughout the body with tiny electronic nerve-stimulating devices.

This represents “the future of healthcare,” according to Tatyana Forman, who strongly believes in Tracey and her colleagues and their work on the vagus nerve and other parts of the central nervous system. “Our support will provide Dr Tracey and her team of scientific innovators with the resources they need to advance on new ideas,” she said in a statement, adding that their research “holds the promise of transforming the world. lives of millions of patients across the globe. “


Product rule: Some things never change, according to Smithtown-based MIDI Product Development, which is still at the forefront of medical device innovation 50 years later.

Water signs: Albany is spending more than $ 44 million on statewide drinking water projects, including $ 4 million for a critical effort to supply Nassau County with drinking water.

Become smarter): Season 2 Episode 1 releases next week – before that, catch up with Spark: The Innovate Long Island Podcast Season 1, where wisdom comes 25 minutes at a time.


Hofstra’s new president promises big changes for the university; concerned scientists are demanding big changes to Long Island’s coastal waters.


Innovate LI’s inbox filled with inspiring innovations from all corners of North America. The brightest from the outside of the week:

From California: Los Angeles-based automated pizza pioneer Basil Street announces a key partnership designed to bring pizza vending machines to airports nationwide.

From New York: Edible ingredient innovator Azuca is launching a patent-pending chocolate activator to help food manufacturers brew slow simmer candies quickly.

From Canada, eh: Vancouver-based virtual world virtuoso Highstreet and Utah-based 3D avatar ace Tafi bring highly customizable avatars to new, commerce-centric worlds.


+ Thomas kline was appointed vice president of academic advancement and external relations at Garden City-based Adelphi University. He is currently vice president of institutional advancement at Carthage College in Wisconsin.

+ Tanya palmore joined the board of directors of the Suffolk Federal Credit Union, based in Medford. She is the Executive Director of the North Fork Housing Alliance.

+ Kevin simmons was appointed Deputy Superintendent of Education and Administration for the Smithtown Central School District. He was previously principal of Smithtown High School East.

+ Lauren Devine joined Melville-based PrestigePEO as National Director of Human Resources Client Services. Previously, she was Vice President of Human Resources for Connecticut-based Hudson RPO.

+ Deirdre Lunetta has been appointed deputy superintendent of affairs for the Babylon Union Free School District. She was previously responsible for the main audit of the school district as an employee of Cullen and Danowski, based in Port Jefferson Station.

UNDER THE FOLD (On The Job Edition)

By raising: Finally, some good news on national employment.

Object of the rental: Everyone hires, but no one gets hired.

I haven’t thought about it: Dumbest ways to get fired.

Work: Please continue to support the incredible organizations that support Innovate Long Island, including the Long Island Business Development Council, which has encouraged constructive dialogue on regional socioeconomics for more than five decades. Check them.

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